Firstivus ’15 – 18th+19th Dec – The Bird’s Nest


For this year’s Firstivus, Sinema City and The Birds Nest join forces to bring you a fun-filled weekend that will likely proved to be just a little too rhythmically-challenging for the whole family.

Friday 18th – Blurt / The Display Team / Bass Drum / First / Psychoyogi / No One You Know / Black Plastic

Saturday 19th – Boss Terror / Azores / Dead Arm / Hibiki Ichikawa / Champagne Dub / The Cortège / The All New Greatest Hits Band

It’s all for FREE as usual. 3am license on Friday!

FRI 18 DEC – Programmed by Tom Moody/The Bird’s Nest
Fine stallions of SE8 and beyond

Post-punk / no wave legends


BASS DRUM (Charles & Riley Hayward)
This Heat‘s drummer’s arguably best current project

The Display Team

Pure brilliant insanity


No One You Know!sound/cykb

Black Plastic

SAT 19 DEC – Programmed by Sinema City
100% top quality imports and choice East/South East beat groups

Azores (Leeds)
w/ drummer from Galaxians

Boss Terror

Champagne Dub –
Max Hallett’s new project feat Ruth Goller, probably quite different to this

Hibiki Ichikawa (JPN)
Top Tsugaru Shamisen player, yum

The All New Greatest Hits Band –
Tom Moody’s sheer power meets Display Team rhythm section

Dead Arm

The Cortège

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