Sinema City – 26th Sept – The Bird’s Nest, Deptford


Mostly happening at the last saturday of each month at The Bird’s Nest, Sinema City celebrates playful and thought-provoking music that you can jump around to. After having The Fish Police in Jan, really happy to be hosting another Heart N Soul group Too Hot for Candy alongside some post-punk delights.

FREE ENTRY as usual. first band at 830.

WITCHING WAVES (Soft Power Records)

Great tunes in nice but vicious boy-girl vocal combos, delicious home-brewed dark pop full of urgency


Lo-fi funk with crazed call-and-respond and damn tight rhythms, what a good party band

DOG CHOCOLATE (Upset the Rhythm)

Very weird and impactful songs about subjects of varying degrees of importance and mundanity. A man shouting “I wanna give birth” must be one the best opening line to an EP I’ve ever heard

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