Sinema City Alldayer! – 23rd May – The Bird’s Nest, Deptford


It’s been a while since we’ve done a lil’ festival, so here is a fine lineup of some of our favourites, all packed into a warm afternoon and eve at The Birds Nest.

OH IT’S FREE! Mphahlele kicks us off at 5pm.

Total sweethearts LOVE these dudes, recently toured UK with Deerhoof

BASS DRUM (Charles Hayward)
100% drumming legend of This Heat / Albert Newton, next level rhythmic improv

Peluché (RIP Records)
Lush 3 part girl harmony meets nice nice beats and Tom Tom Clubplayfulness
“Sound of minds unravelling” DIY

Floaty weird pop charming bunch
“entirely on its own path…bizarre, but with a good sense of humour”Dummy

Snack Family
Sweaty jazzy sleazy dark jams
“Genuinely messed up” Les Inrocks Lab

Boss Terror
Best buds and cockney babes getting trance-y

Mphahlele (ex-Pseudo Nippon)
Deep experimental post-groove like mellowed-out Death Grips

Awesome exotic playlist by the lovely guys from Flamingods till 1am

Ray will throw in the odd acid / dub / beats nonsense in between bands

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